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Where can I go sledding in Massachusetts, South of Boston?


We’ve prodded our friends and scoured the Web, and here is our list of the best places to go sledding on the South Shore. (Or “coasting,” as they once called it.)


Always make safety your top priority when sledding. Some of these locations may have certain slopes that are too dangerous for young children, and some may have changed from years past. Make sure you are prepared and that you check before you go, and know that it is still trespassing if you are on private property, even if there is snow on the ground.


Have fun!


Sledding Hills, South of Boston
listed from north to south:


George Wright Municipal Golf Course, Hyde Park
-In 2011, Mayor Menino invited everyone to sled here and even put up signs for that weekend. Locals use it all the time, and sledding is allowed on most public golf courses, as they are considered public parks. We hear the 12th hole is a serious ride, and one of the best hills around.


William Devine Golf Course in Franklin Park, Dorchester
-Another municipal course within the city limits of Boston. 18th hole is the biggest hill.


Milton Academy, Milton
Andrews Field, Milton
-These are two great spots for youngsters, as the hills aren’t too big and they don’t get over-crowded, though some jumps can often be found.


President’s Golf Course, Quincy/Milton line
Furnace Brook Golf Course, Quincy
-These municipal golf courses (Furnace Brook is semi-private) are two spots that lots of folks have used for years, and of which many have fond memories. The steepest parts of these spots are too dangerous for younger children, and don’t have a whole lot of run-off area. The big hill at Presidents is “downright scary in an inflatable tube,” as one veteran sledder put it.


Bernazzani School, Quincy


East Middle School, Braintree


Lincoln Park, East Braintree


Braintree Municipal Golf Course, Braintree


South Shore Country Club, Hingham
-Nice and open, a good spot for a snow tube. From one patron: “Saw some guy try to take a radio flyer (wood and steel) off a jump there and it won him a free ride to South Shore Hospital.” Yeesh. I’ll stick to the plastic. And that’s probably a loose use of the word “free.”


Park behind Tufts Library, Weymouth


Scituate Country Club, Scituate


Higashi School, Randolph


Norfolk Country Club, Westwood


Coakley Middle School, Norwood


Ponkapoag Golf Course, Canton


Bottom of Blue Hills Ski Area, Canton
-Good for small children, especially if older folks want to ski or snowboard, or grab a warm snack in the lodge.


Gaffield Park, Norwell

First Parish, Norwell

Pete’s Hill, Sharon
-Near Sharon center, this is a popular spot. Can sometimes get crowded, but a very nice hill.


Strawberry Valley Golf Course, Abington

Froilo Junior High, Abington

Strawberry Valley, Abington

Coast Guard Hill, Marshfield

D.W.Fields Park (off Oak St.), Brockton

Whitman Town Hall, Whitman

North Hill Golf Course, Duxbury

Ames Mansion at Borderland State Park, Easton

Borden Colony Hill, Raynham
Sledding was banned in 2011 at Raynham Middle School, but Borden Colony Hill is fair game. Parking can be an issue, as it is only allowed on certain sections of Thrasher Street.

Locust Valley Golf Course, Attleboro


Lars Anderson Park, Brookline
OK, it’s not on the South Shore, but there has been such an outpouring of love for Lars Anderson Park in Brookline that we had to include it. Lars Anderson is the consensus King of Sledding Spots around here, and it was also my favorite as a kid. Long, steep, lots of jumps, often a bit dangerous, but what a ride! If you have older kids looking for something more challenging, it’s definitely worth the trip. They also have a skating rink.


Be safe during the storm and on the hill. For some sledding safety tips, check out the video below from Children’s Hospital Boston.



This article contains information from “40 Great Places to Sled around Boston” by Paul Makishima, published in the Boston Globe, Feb. 3, 2009.

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